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What to Expect


First, expect to feel welcome! We are so excited to have you with us! Grab a cup of coffee from the complimentary Union Café and come in for worship. Our services last about an hour.


Expect a non-formal, casual environment. Wear whatever is comfortable for you.


Expect to see and meet people of all ages and walks of life--that's the way God designed His Church.


Expect to hear different styles of music with lyrics that center our focus on worshiping God.


Expect to see people worship God outwardly by singing, praying, lifting their hands, and giving.


Expect a relevant biblical message that you can apply to your life. You will be both encouraged and challenged.

Expect a safe and fun environment for your kids (Infant - Kindergarten) to learn about Jesus. Check them in when you arrive and see our kids environments for yourself.


Last, but most importantly, expect to feel the presence of God. We pray the Holy Spirit is the leader of each worship gathering.

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